Foundation management
Rostislav Smirnov

CEO and co-founder of Sergei Nizhnyy Kyiv School of Public Administration.

The project has over 10,000 graduates. Community activist.

Started several volunteer projects, such as: 

  • Prykhystok – refugee shelter
  • E-Robota – employment assistance
  • E-Trailer – collecting trailers for displaced people CarForArmy – collecting cars for the AFU

Businessman. Founder of such startups:

  • Ibeauty
  • Together
  • Smart
Tatiana Zelkina 

Head of the Assistance Unit Public figure

Since 2012, lawyer, human rights activist. Lecturer of the Department of Criminal Procedure of the NAVD, Doctor of Philosophy in Law (PhD). Participation in the reforms Secretary, later chairman of the Kharkiv competitive commission for the open four-level competition for the election of candidates for administrative positions in local prosecutor’s offices (2015-2017). Member of attestation commissions of the National Police of Ukraine (2016). Political Education Graduate of KSHU named after Sergiy Nizhnyy (2021). Graduate of the training programs of the Ukrainian Institute of the Future (2017-2019). Social work Co-founder of the Public Association “Legal Association DOBROSUD”.

Work in the public sector.

  • Member of advisory body “Business Protection Office” of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.
  • Assistant-Consultant of the People’s Deputy of Ukraine D.A. Monastyrsky. (2019-2021).
  • Assistant-consultant of people’s deputy Gerashchenko A.Yu. (2014-2019).
Vyacheslav Zaporozhets

Head of Aid Distribution

Public figure, volunteer.

Pre-war architect and director of a construction company, doctor of technical sciences. Education KNUSA, industrial and civil engineering. KNUSA, doctor of technical sciences – technology of construction production.


Director of STS-HOLDING, included in TOP-10 best companies of Ukraine, specialization – commercial real estate. Was part of the team to create “Epicenter”, “Amstar”.

Constructed over 1 million m² of logistic complexes, such as “Domosfera”, “Karavan”, “Leroy Marlen”.

6 years of work in Kazakhstan side by side with the main statesmen of the country.


He has been actively volunteering in Ukraine since February 2022, evacuating civilians and the wounded