charity event to collect old cell phones for the elderly people living in areas liberated from russia

The Lazarus Charity Foundation is holding a charity event to collect old cell phones for elderly people from areas liberated from Russia.

After the liberation of the territories temporarily occupied by Russian troops, many elderly people lost all means of communication. The Russian marauding army sneakily took from grandparents even their push-button phones. Now that Ukraine has liberated the cities from the occupiers, the elderly have no means of communication at all.

We call on all people who have unneeded cell phones at home to donate them to the Lazarus Foundation. We will check their operability, complete them with a free starter pack of one of the Ukrainian operators and hand them over to the settlements of Kiev, Chernigov and Sumy regions to those in need of communication


  • the phone must be in working condition (button phones will do);
  • It must have a charger;
  • The phone must have a working battery;

How to send a phone?

You come to any post office of Ukrposhta and say that you want to send a phone within the “Link of Hope” campaign to the “Lazarus” Charity Fund (6 P. Berindy per., Kiev, 01015).

Phone for feedback: +38 044 390 67 71