Let’s rebuild Ukraine together!
April 23, 2022

Our project “Dobrobat” together with our volunteers is working hard and diligently to rebuild Ukraine.  We are working simultaneously in several locations where recovery is especially needed right now.

Thus, our volunteers yesterday worked in Gostomel, Makarov and the village of Zagaltsy in the Kiev region, where they actively participated in all emergency search and recovery activities.  If yesterday 15 volunteers were engaged in Zagaltsy, then tomorrow already 50 volunteers will go to help the settlement to rebuild after heavy damages. That is, we constantly join new forces for our work.

We don’t stop thanking everyone who has already joined!

And also, we continue to form new battalions, because there is a lot of work ahead in different cities and areas of reconstruction.  That’s why we ask you to actively register on our website:


Join our project “Dobrobat”!  Let’s rebuild Ukraine together!